Marvin Hearns

Mr. Marvin Hearns, owner and founding member of HRES, began his career in the Right-of-Way industry in 2006 as an agent with a private Right-of-Way consulting company. During that time, he worked on several projects nationwide. Throughout his training, Mr. Hearns gained an extensive background in all Right-of-Way and real-estate disciplines, including acquisition, appraisal, relocation and property management, as well as condemnation suit preparation in transportation and utilities.

He is a North Carolina and Florida Real Estate Broker. He has negotiation and relocation experience in public programs under the auspices of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Act of 1970, as amended. He is fully committed to providing solutions to the ongoing objectives of the Right-of-Way profession and related services.

He has worked on several complex projects. Projects such as high-speed rail improvements, road widens, apartment redevelopments, road/sidewalk improvements, greenway improvements, airport runway expansions, flood buyouts, leasing/selling excess lands, site abandonments, mortgage loan valuations, to name a few. Working on various projects has given him acquisition/relocation experience, knowledge of general real estate law, land issues, and project management.

He has B.S. degrees in Real Estate, Finance, and Business Administration from Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, he’s Relocation Assistance Certified and a member of the International Right of Way Association.