Relocation Services

Hearns Real Estate Solutions (HRES) agents have acquired skills to provide professional relocation services over the course of several years in the field. We employ Relocation Specialists who implement their expertise in accordance with federal, state and local guidelines. The HRES team has experience in working with countless businesses, single family and multi-unit homes and property owners. HRES is approved in various states to provide Relocation Assistance and Relocation Reviews.

HRES agents provide technical assistance for those who are displaced by preparing claims, computing rental subsidy payments, identifying available replacement sites, business relocations, billboard/sign relocations, and mobile home relocations. HRES Agents are adept in reading and understanding appraisals and title reports, coordinating closings, property management, and providing counseling and advisory assistance to displacees and landowners throughout projects.

We, at HRES, aim to be effective and efficient to make the relocation process simple for property owners. Our agents will ensure projects are handled professionally and any complex issues that arise are solved immediately. We provide:

  • Needs Assessment Surveys
  • Relocation Advisory Services
  • Relocation Claim Processing
  • Computing Relocation Housing Payments and Rental Subsidy Payments
  • Identifying Available Replacement Properties